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Mar 20, 2007



Goal Type:

Boston Qualifier

Running Accomplishments:


  • 1 mile : 5:43 (3/2017)
  • 5K : 18:34 (12/2011)
  • 5 mile : 32:03 (5/2010)
  • 10K : 39:29 (11/2013)
  • 11K: 46:47 (July 2008)
  • Half Marathon : 1:26:47 (11/2012)
  • Marathon : 3:06:34 (02/2010)
  • 50K Trail: 4:34 (01/2012)
  • 50 Mile: 8:34:48 (4/2012)
  • 100K: 11:06 (2/2012)
  • 100 Mile: 29:03:39 (6/2013)


  • Marine Corps Marathon - 3:27:00, Oct 2016
  • Marine Corps Marathon - 3:28:12, Oct 2015
  • Pocatello Marathon (ID) - 3:32:25, Sept 2015
  • Chasing The Unicorn (PA) - 3:31:20, Aug 2015
  • Run for The Red (Poconos) - 3:30:40, May 2015
  • Boston - 3:24:42, Apr 2015
  • Clearwater - 3:27:04, Jan 2015
  • Clearwater - 3:16:17, Jan 2014
  • Boston  - 3:27:00, Apr 2011
  • DesNews - 3:10:57, Jul 2010
  • Gasparilla  - 3:06:34, Feb 2010
  • Space Coast - 3:11:29, Nov 2009
  • Estes Park  (7500' and up) - 3:52:19, Jun 2009
  • Boston - 3:17:22, Apr 2009
  • Niagara Falls - 3:19:21, Oct 2008
  • San Diego RnR  - 3:24:18, Jun 2008
  • Jacksonville Marathon -3:21:24, Dec 2007
  • Chicago Marathon - 3:35:08, Oct 2007
  • Disney Marathon - 3:52:34, Jan 2007





Short-Term Running Goals:


  • Sub 40:00 10K
  • 2:59 Marathon
  • 1:25 Half Marathon
  • 18:30 5K


Long-Term Running Goals:

Maintain my health and continuously seek to improve my fitness. Maybe someday get under 3:00 for marathon. More importantly, I'd like to figure out what my maximum ability is and reach that.

I'd also like to find the right balance in life and use running to enhance and improve myself.



Dad of  two awesome kids.

Also, have one wonderful brown dog named Sammy and just added a grey tiger cat whose life started out rough but now has a better home.

I've recently started another blog so I can easily add lots of pictures and so other non-FRB users can leave comments:

Forward Progress!

 Also, for 2012 I started a blog to write down each day one thing that I am grateful for

Grateful Blog


Love living in Florida but love to travel and see the country and rest of the world.


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Miles:This week: 18.10 Month: 164.28 Year: 1190.74
Brooks T7 Lifetime Miles: 202.78
Brooks ST5 Lifetime Miles: 403.91
GoMeb Speed3 Lifetime Miles: 483.77
Brooks Pure Flow Lifetime Miles: 160.60
Brooks Launch(lobster) Lifetime Miles: 782.98
GoMeb Razor Lifetime Miles: 468.00
Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTrainer 1 MilesTrainer 2 MilesRacer MilesTotal Distance
GoMeb Razor Miles: 13.16Brooks T7 Miles: 3.45
Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTrainer 1 MilesTrainer 2 MilesRacer MilesTotal Distance

20.11 mi, 2:41:45, 8:03 avg

First 20 mile training run in a while.  The schedule I'm following does not specifically have any 20 mile runs on it but has some with ranges that could be 20 miles.  I figured I'd better make sure to get one done.

Starkey Park starting from the bike parking lot and headed out onto the main bike trail toward the Suncoast Trail.  Ran into Carin Z and her sister about 2.3 miles into the run and talked to her for a few minutes.  Kept going, running through the tree tunnel into the open area and then to the Suncoast trail turning left.  Stopped at the water stop about 6.7 miles into the run.  Out 3.3 more miles to my turnaround.  It's been a while since making it out this far.

Was wearing my fuel belt which has gotten its elastic a little too stretched.  Finally got it sinched down so it wouldn't bounce so much, made running feel a lot easier.

Pace goal range for today was 8:00-8:30 range for the average.  Some of the first miles were a bit slower but now I was pushing closer to 8:00 pace.  

After the turnaround, felt a mental boost and pace was now in the 7:40's for the next 3 miles.  Then I started feeling a little sluggish, pace got a little slower but still in 7:50's but it felt a lot harder for the next two miles.  Quick stop at 4 mile water and then felt much fresher.

Last 3 miles were good - 7:35, 7:34, 7:11

So, now that's checked off.  Maybe time for one more next week which is supposed to be 8-9 easy, 8-9 marathon pace,  2 mile warm down.  Will try to go up to Brooksville section of Suncoast trail for the rolling hills.

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Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTrainer 1 MilesTrainer 2 MilesRacer MilesTotal Distance

10.05 mi, 1:22:42, 8:14 avg, elev gain 313 feet

Goal workout - 5x800m uphill @7:00, 60 second rest 5x800m downhill @7:30

2 mile warm up and 2 mile warm down after the run.

Ran in Westlake basically going up and down Lakeview Dr to the top of the hill and back down.

Uphill paces - 6:54, 6:57, 6:53, 6:56, 6:49

Downhills - 7:16, 7:23, 7:20, 7:09, 7:06

Should have been a little more disciplined on the downhills to try and lock in on the right pace even though it feels easy so you don't have to pay for it later.  But, still good run overall with the miles and quality.  Legs have been feeling a little stronger lately.

High 60's and cloudy at the start so pretty nice morning for running.

GoMeb Razor Miles: 10.05
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Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTrainer 1 MilesTrainer 2 MilesRacer MilesTotal Distance

6.25 mi, 54:15, 8:41 avg

Out and back run on Alderman Road to Pinellas trail, just past the old train tunnel to the little park on the other side.  A little cooler than yesterday morning.

Scheduled run was 5-7 miles easy so I think this run counted.

Tomorrow was supposed to be scheduled off day (totally coincidence that it is also Thanksgiving since it's a generic training plan).  But, instead I'm going to do the 5k Turkey Trot at Clearwater High School.  Hoping for a significant improvement over last year and another coffee mug.

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Race: Tampa Bay Times Turkey Trot 5k (3.107 Miles) 00:20:12, Place overall: 95, Place in age division: 3
Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTrainer 1 MilesTrainer 2 MilesRacer MilesTotal Distance

Tradition continues, back again to the Turkey Trot in Clearwater, previously known as the St Pete Time Turkey Trot, now the Tampa Bay Times Turkey Trot and this year for the first year ever with chip timing.  Previously, the top 125 male and female runners would get a mug and their time recorded in the results.  Once the race finish cards were passed out, no more results were recorded.   But, this year the bibs came with chips.  Top 125 male and female still received coffee mugs but it was essentially gun time since cards were passed out as people crossed but you no longer filled out any information.

Arrived at the race a little bit later than hoped for, just after 6:30, parked on the street near Rumba restaurant which was close to the start but farther from the planned meeting spot near the stadium.  Drove down with Jessica, Jacob, Sophia, and Aubrey.  Andy, my father-in-law drove down with Emily, John and their kids as well Hannah and Noah.  Jenny drove down with Thomas.

Jacob and I went ahead to warm up and line up near the start, only had time for a few minutes of warming up, 0.33 miles total including a few strides.  Squeezed our way into the crowd and once everyone else squeezed in we were about 8 rows back.  Saw Dixie before the race start.  He pointed to a guy nearby wearing flowery shorts and no shirt and asked if I could beat that guy, had no way of telling, he looked pretty fit, mayb early 50's.  Jacob found a friend of his so was a row or two back from me.  When the race started I didn't see him but he kept me in his sights and was pretty close to me for the first mile.  First mile came in at 6:30, although I started my watch before I crossed (close to gun time) so it was closer to 6:25.   Turned the corner just after the mile marker and kept a steady pace, next mile felt harder but was only 1 second slower.  Shortly into the third mile is the hill, which I recently learned was called cemetary hill.  Looked for the cemetary and saw it for the first time running this race.

Slowed down just a little on the uphill, but made it back once the road flattened out.  Still passing a few people here or there.  For a good part of the race I was following the guy in the flowery shorts, he was running pretty strong.  At some point lost sight of him, not sure if I passed him or if he pulled ahead.

Finally, the turn off to the stadium was just ahead.  No idea if there were 125 male runners ahead of me.  Approached the track and could see the clock - 19:56, just a little way to go.  Goal had been to break 20:30, maybe 20:15 or better if I could.  Crossed the finish line and saw the guy with the cards still had some left, handed me one which I took to the awards tent.

Got my mug and then saw Thomas walking away holding a mug - 17:53 chip time for him, 24th overall.  Next, ran into Jacob, pretty excited about his time, 20:55 chip, 21:06 gun time but did not get a mug (later saw that he was 108th male so not sure why he did not get a mug) - about 26 second PR for him.  Ran into Jenny who was also carrying a mug.

Drove back to Palm Harbor after the race, ran another easy 3 miles to make up partially for the change in schedule (was supposed to do 6 mile @half marathon pace with warm up and cool down).

As I was looking for the rest of the group I could hear them announcing awards - overall, masters, and they were also doing grand masters, surprisingly, I hear my name called.  Go back to the award tent, get a medal and told that I'll get an email good for free entry into next year's race.

Happy with the improvement since PHSC and since last year when I was 30 second slower with much less even splits.

Later in the afternoon, picked up the boys (including Sammy the dog) and went to my parents house for Thanksgiving dinner.  I was in charge of pies, had bought three from JJ Gandy's and Andy made a green bean casserole.

Brooks T7 Miles: 3.45GoMeb Razor Miles: 3.11
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Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTrainer 1 MilesTrainer 2 MilesRacer MilesTotal Distance

4.49 mi, 39:56, 8:54 avg

Day after Thanksgiving and the Turkey trot recovery type run.  Loop runing south through Westlake to Nebraska Ave and over to Omaha Street and then back north to Alderman.

Pretty good run overall, nice morning weather.

After the run, met up with Jessica's family and went with them (minus Jessica and Aubrey) to iFly in Brandon which is a wind tunnel for indoor skydiving.  After some brief instructions and getting dressed in flight suits we each took one minute turns "skydiving". First minute was very basic techniques to get used to it.  The next time through was the "high flight", where they increased the speed and an instructor guided you up and kind of spun you around while both floating - maybe about 20 feet up, then back down and up again.  There were 14 of us and we had 30 minutes total time so two people got to go for a third minute, I was picked to go again.  The third time through was more relaxing and felt a little more like flying.  Would be fun to go again sometime.

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Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTrainer 1 MilesTrainer 2 MilesRacer MilesTotal Distance

3.21 mi, 30:03, 9:22 avg

Another fairly short run, kept at an easy pace (started slow and didn't get much faster).

Had been out last night with Jessica's sisters and their husbands, as well as a couple of their friends at "Captain Jacks" in Tarpon Springs which we "closed down" - fortunately they closed at 11:00.

In the evening, went to Clearwater Beach and did a dinner cruise as a somewhat surprise early birthday gift since Marc (brother-in-law), myself and Jessica have birthdays one week apart in December.  My parents came down also.  The food was better than expected and I spent some time on the dance floor for the entertainment of the kids watching me flail around.  I was a little apprehensive about going out the night before my 20 mile run - last big one before the marathon.  At first, abstained from any alcohol but later decided on one glass of wine with dinner which turned out to hit the spot and would not seem to impact my long run.

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Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTrainer 1 MilesTrainer 2 MilesRacer MilesTotal Distance
GoMeb Razor Miles: 13.16Brooks T7 Miles: 3.45
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